Did bill maher dating karrine steffans

(Let's see if Geraldo Rivera stops identifying Kerik as "America's Top Cop.") One former Kerik colleague recalls, "When Bernie was growing up, he had a teacher who told him he was destined for jail.

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Van Morrison, who's playing the Garden tonight, didn't want to do any interviews for his "Live at the Hollywood Bowl" DVD -- except Don Imus' show tomorrow. Bette Midler, writing a book on her New York Restoration Project, ran into "Merry Christmas, America" author Bruce Littlefield at Harper Collins' offices…

Adrian Grenier danced to the Afrobeat at the opening of "Fela"…

Oliver Stone loved Tommy Belesis' cameo as Shia La Beouf's boss in "Wall Street 2." Belesis, who by day is CEO of John Thomas Financial, also impressed Mayor Bloomberg, who congratulated the money man on becoming the Bronx Republican Party's Man of the Year at a Thursday fundraiser for Hizzoner.

- Decorator Mario Buatta celebrated his 74th birthday last week with extra gusto.

Recently, the Prince of Chintz, not feeling well, came home, turned on Letterman, and listened to Dave and Kelsey Grammer talking about their heart attacks.

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